Fireshield® STEEL 1002

Waterbased 30 to120min FRR protection.

Australia Specifications
for STEEL 1002

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Substrate | Structural Steel
Fire Rating | 30 to 120 minute
Type | Waterborne
Environmental | Declare + Red List Free

Fireshield® Steel 1001 is a more environmentally friendly waterborne intumescent coating for the protection of interior structural steel sections optimised for 30 to 120 minutes protection from cellulosic fires in C2-C3 interior environments.

  • Thin film technology, quality finish.
  • Environmentally friendly Declare and Red List Free.
  • Simple on-site application.
  • Low odour, low VOC.

  • Timber and plasterboard can be direct fixed to coated surface.
  • Can be used as part of the Korok 2-way fire wall design system.
  • Ideal for Green Building projects.
  • Low odour, low VOC.


At A Glance  
Waterborne intumescent basecoat
Fire Protection
30 to 120 minutes FRR
Volume Solids
68% by volume
<50 grams/litre
Zero Halogens +Red List & Declare
Install Location
Interior C1 - C3
Masterspec section 6742FS or contact Fireshield direct for assistance.
New Zealand: 
Fire tested to EN13381-8:2013 and assessed by Exova Warringtonfire to BS476 parts 21 and 22 and 5th Edition Yellow Book using NZS 3404: Part 1, 1997 and complying with the New Zealand Building Code B1/VM1 and C2/AS1-C6/AS1 Section C5.1.1.
Not available 


Additional Information:
Steel 1001 is part of the Fireshield Cladding Study and has been tested with timber, Korok walls and plasterboard directly attached to the coated surface, contact Fireshield to apply the study to your next project.


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