WoodSafe Interior PRO

Impregnated fire rated timber boards and panels.

Australia Specifications
for WoodSafe Interior PRO

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Substrate | Timber boards, battens and panels (NZ ONLY)
Surface Rating | Group 1-S
Substrate Thickness | Various
Substrate Density | Various

WoodSafe Interior PRO is an off site timber treatment giving a certified Group 1-S rating for timber substrates and is for use in dry areas only. It can be stained or oiled any colour if required.

  • Fire rated impregnation system.
  • Environmentally friendly with zero halogens.
  • Simple off-site treatment.
  • Invisible to the eye, no VOC.

  • Applied to natural timber.
  • Timber can be stained any decorative colour or oiled.
  • Treated timber delivered to site ready to install.
  • Not an ammonium sulphate system, no leaching, no white residue.


At A Glance  
Fire-rated polymeric impregnation system.
Fire Protection
Group 1-S /Group 1.
Timber Species
Zero grams/litre
Zero Halogens
Install Location
Interior C1 - C2
Masterspec section 5124FW or contact Fireshield direct for assistance.


  • Group 1-S solution in New Zealand fully compliant with the New Zealand Building Code Clause 3.4(a) complying with C/AS2-C/AS6.
  • Group 1 solution in Australia fully compliant with the National Construction Code 2019 Amendment 1, C1.10 for Class 2-9 Buildings.


For more details about installation, environmental conditions and timber substrates go to the Technical or Applicators Portal.


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