The great thing about FIRESHIELD products is that they are very simple to apply, but most people have a few questions. If  you’ve got a question that we haven’t answered here, please email us on or call us on 0800 FIRESHIELD


Do FIRESHIELD products meet Group 1-S requirements under the NZ Building Code and Group 1 to the Australian NCC 2022

What can I fire rate and for how long?

Who can apply FIRESHIELD coatings?

How many coats of FIRESHIELD are required?

How much paint will I need to order?

Are there any limitations on the timber substrate when coating interior timber surfaces?

Can the timber surface be stained or clear coated prior to applying FIRESHIELD products?

Do I need to topcoat FIRESHIELD intumescent coatings for timber and steel?

Are FIRESHIELD products environmentally friendly?

How can I order FIRESHIELD products?

Do you have any test certificates demonstrating testing undertaken in accordance with AS5637.1 ; 2015? AUSTRALIA ONLY

Can I use Fireshield products on veneers, plywood panels and engineered timber?

Our Certifier is asking for confirmation the Fireshield® Timber products comply with C1.10 of the NCC 2019? AUSTRALIA ONLY

Can I use Fireshield steel intumescents with another manufacturers primer?

Does Fireshield have full system for fire rated steel protection?