Fireshield® TimberClear

Clear Timber Coating : 9.6 litre bucket.
Substrate | Interior Timber
Surface Rating | Group 1-S / Group 1
Substrate Thickness | > 8mm
Substrate Density | > 338kg/m³

Fireshield® TimberClear is a clear, waterborne, halogen-free intumescent basecoat for use on interior timber-based substrates. A sealer coat of Fireshield® Top Coat Matt or Semi-gloss must be applied to complete the fire protection system.

Fireshield® TimberClear is a clear, waterborne, halogen-free intumescent coating designed for use on interior surfaces of timber-based substrates and is the initial coating of a two-coat system.

Following the initial coat of Fireshield® TimberClear, a coat of Fireshield® TimberClear Top Coat Matt or Semi-Gloss must be applied to complete the overall fire protection coating system.

The wood-based substrate must be > 8mm or thicker and have a density > 338kg/m³.

Fireshield® TimberClear offers a clear interior timber coating system that can provide:

  • Group 1-S solution in New Zealand fully compliant with the New Zealand Building Code Clause 3.4(a) complying with C/AS2-C/AS6.
  • Group 1 solution in Australia fully compliant with the National Construction Code 2019 Amendment 1, CP4 for Class 2-9 Buildings using Codemark CM-30071-Rev 3.

Download the TimberClear System Specification sheets for details of the available, approved systems:

  • Standard TimberClear installation - TimberClear-NZ-01-C1 / TimberClear-AU-01-C1.
  • TimberClear + coloured stain - TimberClear-NZ-02-C1 / TimberClear-AU-02-C1.
  • TimberClear + clear sealer primer - TimberClear-NZ-03-C1 / TimberClear-AU-03-C1

For installations over existing coatings, installations in C2/C3 interior zones please contact Fireshield® directly.

For more details about installation, environmental conditions and timber substrates go to the Architects/Specifiers or Applicators Portal.


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