Pigmented Timber Coating. One coat solution.
Substrate | Interior Timber
Surface Rating | Group 1-S / Group 1 / 30 to 60 mins FRR
Substrate Thickness | > 8mm for Group ratings
Substrate Density | >338 kg/m³ for Group ratings

Fireshield® TimberWhite is a more environmentally friendly waterborne intumescent coating for the protection of interior timber surfaces to Group 1-S/Group 1 and structural timber members up to 60 minutes FRR from cellulosic fires in dry interior environments.

  • Thin film technology, quality smooth finish.
  • Environmentally friendly: Green Star, Declare and Red List Free.
  • Simple on site application.
  • Low odour, low VOC.

  • Can be applied to natural timber or over existing coatings.
  • Can be top coated any decorative colour
  • Simple one-coat application for most ratings
  • Ideal for Green Building projects
  • Low odour, low VOC


At A Glance 
Waterborne intumescent
Fire Protection
Group 1-S /Group 1 up to 60 minutes FRR
Volume Solids
70% by volume
<20 grams/litre
Red List & Declare
Install Location
Interior Dry Areas
  • Group 1-S solution in New Zealand compliant with the New Zealand Building Code Clause 3.4(a) complying with C/AS2-C/AS6.
  • Group 1 solution in Australia compliant with the National Construction Code 2022, C1P4 for Class 2-9 Buildings using Codemark CM-30071.
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