Fireshield® Timber Whitewash

Opaque Timber Coating : 9.6 litre pails.
Substrate | Timber based
Surface Rating | Group 1-S / Group 1
Substrate Thickness | >8mm
Substrate Density | >338 kg/m³

Fireshield® Timber Whitewash is a waterborne, halogen free, intumescent coating with a whitewash Scandinavian finish, designed for use on light coloured timber interior timber wall and ceiling surfaces.

Fireshield® Timber Whitewash offers an opaque timber coating system specifically for light timbers giving the Scandinavian look and provides:

  • Group 1-S solution in New Zealand fully compliant with the New Zealand Building Code Clause 3.4(a) complying with C/AS2-C/AS6.
  • Group 1 solution in Australia fully compliant with the National Construction Code 2019 Amendment 1, CP4 for Class 2-9 Buildings using Codemark CM-30071-Rev 3.

Sequence of required coatings for standard interior installation (C1 zone equivalent):

  1. Fireshield® Timber Whitewash basecoat.

Sequence of required coatings using approved clear topcoat (C1 zone equivalent):

  1. Fireshield® Timber Whitewash basecoat.
  2. Fireshield® tested and approved clear sealer topcoat.

Note: When applying a topcoat, Timber Whitewash requires an increased WFT, see TDS for details.

For installations in C2/C3 interior zones please contact Fireshield directly. Not recommended for use over existing coatings or dark coloured timbers as the whitewash effect may be affected.

For more details about installation, environmental conditions and timber substrates go to the Architects/Specifiers or Applicators Portal.

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