Fireshield® 920KS

High build 2-pack epoxy 30 to 120min FRR
Substrate | Steel
Fire Rating | Up to 120 minutes
Type | High Build 2-pack epoxy
Environmental | Green Star + Solvent Free

Fireshield® 920KS is a high build, two-pack solvent-free intumescent coating with a matt grey finish, designed for use on interior and exterior structural steel open and closed sections for 30 to 120 minutes protection from fire. Fireshield® 920KS can be used with Fireshield fire rated bolt caps.

  • Thin film technology 100% solvent free.
  • Halogen free and zero VOC.
  • Simple off or on site application.
  • Durable, transportable coating from paint shop to site.
  • No primer required in C1-C2 interior zones.
  • Simple application and fast drying.
  • Green Star compatible, ideal for Green Building projects.
  • Low odour, low VOC.
Solvent free epoxy intumescent
Fire Protection
Up to 120 minutes FRR
Volume Solids
100% by volume
<50 grams/litre
Green Star + AgBB tested, emissions class A+
Install Location
Interior + Exterior C1 - C5 Very High Exterior
New Zealand: Tested and assessed in accordance with BS476:1987
Parts 20 and 21 complying with the New Zealand Building Code B1/VM1 and C2/AS1-C6/AS1 Section C5.1.1.
Australia: Tested and assessed in accordance with AS4100:1998 amendment 1 complying with the National Construction Code 2022 in Australia. 



Masterspec section 6742FS or contact Fireshield direct for assistance.


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