Fireshield WoodSafe® Timbers

With a continuing focus on innovation and development Fireshield are proud to release our first range of Group 1-S treated timber products, Fireshield WoodSafe® and WoodSafeX® which provide a compliant Group 1-S surface rating for interior and exterior use:

Fireshield WoodSafe®

Fireshield WoodSafe® is a Group 1-S rated range of interior timbers for use in dry areas with a maximum constant humidty level of 75%.

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Fireshield WoodSafeX®

Fireshield WoodSafeX® is a Group 1-S rated range of timbers for use in exterior wet environments and areas with a high constant humidty level over 75%.

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Fireshield WoodSafe Timbers, are a unique new Group 1S range of timber products available to the New Zealand market. Our WoodSafe product range uses the latest timber treatment technologies with a complex industrial process to ensure that the fire properties are sustained for the lifetime of the timber. All products are certified and compliant in New Zealand to a Group 1-S rating, the highest fire rating available for surface linings.


The advantages of Fireshield WoodSafe

  • The WoodSafe fire treatment is inside the structure of the timber not on the surface.
  • The timber itself becomes the fire protection.
  • All surfaces and perforations are protected.
  • No additional fire protection coatings are required.
  • Does not increase corrosion or decrease service life of the timber.
  • Approved for exterior use.
  • Does not leach or cause mould growth etc.
  • Environmentally sustainable products and processes.