Creating beautiful, firesafe finishes inside and out

Fireshield® WoodSafe Exterior WFX timber cladding and WoodSafe Interior PRO timber solutions provide a certified exterior Type A and Group 1-S fire rating.

Real timber with an impregnated fire rating that lasts the lifetime of the timber. No on-site fire treatment is required, the fire-rated timber is delivered to site ready for installation.

WoodSafe Exterior WFX

WoodSafe Exterior WFX is an off site treatment with a certified Type A and BAL-29 rating for exterior cedar cladding and Group 1-S and Group 1 rating for use outdoors and interior wet areas.

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WoodSafe Interior PRO

WoodSafe Interior PRO is an off site timber treatment giving a certified Group 1-S rating for timber substrates and is for use in dry areas only. It can be stained or oiled any colour if required.

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Fireshield WoodSafe™ timbers are the latest off site timber treatment technology available, guaranteed to provide fire protection for the life of the timber. WoodSafe™ exterior and interior timbers are available direct from Fireshield.

08 Kajstaden KAVFOT45 photo by Nikolaj Jakobsen

The advantages of Fireshield® WoodSafe Exterior WFX and Interior PRO Timbers:

  • The only Type A exterior cladding solution using cedar timbers.

  • Group 1-S/Group 1 durable fire rated timbers.

  • Timber profiles available from major timber suppliers in New Zealand such as Hermpac.

  • Treated timbers look no different from untreated timber.

  • Use in wet areas, outdoors and interiors.

  • Fire treatment lasts the life time of the timber.

  • 100% off-site treatment.

  • Does not leach.

  • Can be coated with oils and stains from NZ's leading paint manufacturers.

  • Environmentally sustainable products and processes.