Oxford Terrace Baptist Church

The Oxford Terrace Baptist Church building was opened in 1881 and then destroyed by two major earthquakes in 2010 and 2011. Its classical design was notable in a city dominated by Gothic church architecture and was rebuilt in 2018-19.

Christchurch, NZ
Andrew Barrie Lab
2019 Canterbury Architecture Awards Winner

Project Description

The central Christchurch congregation has spent five years and $8.5 million planning and rebuilding, following the collapse of their historic church in the February 2011 earthquake. The new building incorporates parts of the 130-year-old church that they managed to salvage and re-use, including the 1891 pipe organ, Oamaru stone columns, and timber. The church has a high roof and an exposed timber ceiling with hexagonal detailing and a large spectacular skylight in the shape of a cross.

Fireshield TimberClear was used to protect the exposed timber feature ceiling.