Ostermalm Market

The design of the Osterman Market building took considerable care; it required a balance of quality while using lightweight, cost-efficient and sustainable materials befitting the nature of the building

Stockholm, Sweden
Timber Linings + CLT structure
Gert Wingårdh, Johan Eklind and Joakim
EU Mies 2017 for Contemporary Architecture

The Market Hall is located in the centre of Stockholm and houses food stalls and restaurants. Wingardh created a large hall with a massive ceiling height of 11 metres. Daylight penetrates the space from the short façades and the six triangular roof lights.

The building interior has an exposed timber structure consisting of a latticework of glulam beams resting on columns of cross- laminated timber. The choice of wood had several advantages. The relatively light weight of the structure meant that a minimal concrete foundation was possible saving time and money.

It is also a renewable resource with a negative carbon footprint. The issue for Gert Wingardh and his team was to be able to provide a durable, Group 1 equivalent clear fire rating to the timber surfaces in a non-conditioned environment that houses food outlets, kitchens and hundreds of people every day.

Fireshield TimberClear1FR + Top Coat (Matt) was their coating of choice, used on the timber glulam and plywood linings it provides the maximum Group 1 equivalent rating. TimberClear1FR allowed the Architects the freedom to design with a natural resource, timber.