Karolinska University Hospital

The Karolinska University Hospital is one of Europe’s largest and most advanced building projects, the first hospital to be environmentally certified according to Swedish and international standards

Stockholm, Sweden
STEEL 1001
Exposed + Concealed Structural Steel
White and Tengbom, Sweden
Future Healthcare Design Prize 2017

The New Karolinska Solna project is one of Sweden’s largest-ever healthcare projects; a world-class biomedical facility, designed to put Stockholm at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Over a decade of evidence-based research into the positive impact of daylight, natural materials, views out and use of space on patient well-being, have culminated in a building that wholly focuses on recovery while consuming half the energy of equivalent hospitals.T

The issue for the Architects for Tengbom was to find a high-quality finish for the exposed structural steel members, one that could give a paint-like finish but also provide the necessary fire rating required and was environmentally friendly.

Fireshield ArchitecturalWhite4FR + approved topcoat was the answer, the fibre free finish combined with the thin film technology provided the clean, smooth finish Tengbom was searching for. With the added comfort that ArchitecturalWhite4FR has Declare and Red List Free status helping the project achieve the two gold environmental certifications.