Emporia Shopping Mall

This spectacular shopping centre is in southwest Malmö. Emporia has a floor area of around 93,000 square meters, more than 200 retail stores and it offers shopping, food, cultural activities and entertainment.

93,000 square meters
Malmo, Sweden
STEEL 1001
Exposed + concealed structural steel
Wingårdhs , Sweden
World Architecture Festival INSIDE Award

On the roof is a unique park, over the years the shopping centre has won several international awards. Gert Wingårdh was the principal architect for the project. Emporia is a fascinating building, and no one that experiences the two main entrances ever forgets them. The dramatic design, with two giant, concave arches in amber and blue glass, leaves no one unmoved.

A memory from the Pantheon reemerged in a bronze-ochre tone. Double-bent glass encloses the diagonal slit that cuts through the building. Here the weather of the Öresund Strait, its fast-moving clouds chasing glimpses of sun, becomes present and tangible.

The steel structure in the interior of the complex was another essential feature. Steel columns are seemingly growing out of the floor at various angles surrounded by the natural greenery of vertical vines.

The issue for Wingårdh was to find a high-quality finish for the steel columns, one that could give a paint-like finish but also provide the necessary fire rating required.

Fireshield ArchitecturalWhite4FR + approved topcoat was the answer, the fibre free finish combined with the thin film technology provided the clean, smooth finish Wingårdh wanted.