Fire rated timber solution - Exterior and Interior

NZ Specifications
for WoodSafe™-Exterior

WoodSafe™-Exterior TDS plus
WoodSafe-Exterior MSDS plus

Australia Specifications
for WoodSafe™-Exterior

WoodSafe - Exterior TDS plus
WoodSafe - Exterior MSDS plus
Substrate | Timber
Surface Rating | Type A | BAL-29 | Group 1-S | Group 1
Substrate Thickness | Varies depending on timber species
Substrate Density | Various

WoodSafe™-Exterior is an off site treatment with a certified Type A and BAL-29 rating for exterior cedar cladding and Group 1-S and Group 1 rating for use outdoors and interior wet areas.


Fireshield WoodSafe™-Exterior is a factory-applied fire-rated solution used to impregnate timber boards, battens, and plywood (NZ only) sheets in all profiles and species to provide fully compliant fire-rated timber.

  • The fire treatment does not leach from the timber like some impregnation solutions.

  • The durability of the timber is increased.

  • There is no visible difference between treated and untreated timber.

To request a sample or for more detailed information including specifications please click the image below and we will be in touch. 


WoodSafe™-Exterior timbers are for exterior claddings needing a fire-rated solution rating and for wet or humid interior environments requiring a group surface fire rating.

WoodSafe™-Exterior treated timbers can be used:

  • As exterior claddings (cedar).
  • As timber battens and fins.
  • In interior wet and dry areas as wall and ceiling linings, boards or planks.
  • As exterior soffit linings/claddings.

For dry interior environments consider standard WoodSafe-Interior.


All profiles and species treated with WoodSafe™-Exterior :

New Zealand

  • Type A: Tested to C/AS2 Appendix C, C7.1 : achieving Type A compliance with C/AS2 NZBC External Fire Spread.
  • Group 1-S: Tested to EN13501-1:2010 and achieves Fire Class B-s1-d0. This is recognised as equivalent to Group 1-S under the NZBC Clause 3.4(a) providing compliance with NZBC C/AS1-C/AS7.


  • BAL-29: Tested and assessed according to AS 3959:2018, Appendix F, point F2 as a “Bushfire-resisting Timber”. The product is deemed to be acceptable to withstand exposure up to BAL-29. Compliance is achieved with NCC 2019 Clause G5.2.
  • Group 1: Tested and assessed according to AS 5637.1:2015 Part 1 and complies with NCC 2019 Specification C1.10 as a wall or ceiling lining system having a Group 1 with an average specific extinction area less than 250m2/kg.


The WoodSafe™-Exterior system is available in the following timber species direct from Fireshield or via major Timber Merchants in all profiles:

Exterior Cladding:

  • Western Red Cedar

Interior Linings:

  • Scotch Pine
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Douglas Fir/Oregon
  • Siberian Larch
  • Oak
  • Spruce
  • Sweet Chestnut
  • Plywood panels (NZ only)

Many more species available, please contact Fireshield for more information.


WoodSafe™-Exterior can be coated with a range of approved and tested stains, contact Fireshield.



All Fireshield WoodSafe™-Exterior timber products are certified sustainable by FSC and PEFC. Certification for each timber species will accompany each order.



The WoodSafe™-Exterior fire protection treatment is maintenance free and will last the lifetime of the timber when stored, installed and maintained in accordance with the WoodSafe technical documents.



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