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The great thing about FIRESHIELD products is that they are very simple to apply, but most people have a few questions. If  you’ve got a question that we haven’t answered here, please email us on info@fireshieldcoatings.com or call us on 0800 FIRESHIELD

Yes, FIRESHIELD TimberClear1FR , TimberWhite2FR and Timber Whitewash meet Fire Class B-s1 d0, according to EN 13501-1:2010. This is the equivalent to New Zealand Building Code Group 1-S. See our Technical Data Sheets for timber substrate requirements.

FIRESHIELD products can be used to:

  • Fire rate interior timber linings to give up to a Group 1-S surface rating: TimberClear1FR and TimberWhite2FR provides up to Group 1-S rating to interior timber based substrate wall and ceiling linings.
  • Structural steel for differing time frames, for example ArchitecturalWhite4FR and SQ476 fire rate structural steel members for up to 90mins.

There are many other uses for FIRESHIELD products. Please contact us or call 0800 347 734 us to see if we can help with your project specific requirements.

FIRESHIELD coatings are required to be signed off and a PS3 issued upon completion of the application. Because of this, only Accredited Applicators can apply FIRESHIELD coatings. To apply to an Accredited Applicator is a simple process, so please contact us. In some cases, training can be completed on the job to save you time and money.

For Group 1-S on internal timber surfaces, you can typically apply one coat of the intumescent basecoat with an airless spray gun. This can vary depending on the composition and structure of the substrate, so please contact us if you are unsure.

Application of ArchitecturalWhite2FR steel coating is dependant on the steel member section/shape, the critical temperature of the section being coated and the fire rating required. We use a series of calculations from our loading tables to determine the WFT (wet film thickness) and DFT (Dry film thickness).

ArchitecturalWhite is designed as a decorative intumescent coating which is thinner than many other products available meaning a high quality, smooth, fibre free finish, please contact us for more information and clarification for any project specific queries.

Because of the many different applications and uses for each FIRESHIELD product, the amount of paint required varies from project to project.

Using TimberClear1FR , TimberWhite2FR or Timber Whitewash to achieve a Group 1-S rating on timber linings, theoretically requires 230 microns WFT, always consult the Technical Datasheet for WFT requirements.

The application of ArchitecturalWhite4FR or SQ476 on structural steel is dependant on our loading tables and calculations, we will calculate the quantities for you free of charge.

Feel free to send us your documentation and we will happily work out the quantity you require.

Yes, Fireshield TimberClear, TimberWhite and Timber Whitewash can be used on timber based substrates from solid timber, plywoods, and veneers >8mm thick and greater and with a minimum density of >338 kg/m³.

Just ask your timber supplier for the density of your timber substrate if you’re unsure.

It is possible to apply the FIRESHIELD timber intumescent systems over approved stains and clear sealers. Please contact us for the latest list of tested stain and clear sealer products.

FIRESHIELD TimberClear1FR must always be sealed with our Timberclear1FR Top  Coat for durability and optimum performance of this technical system.

For some C1 zone internal applications, TimberWhite2FR , TimberWhitewash and ArchitecturalWhite4FR can be installed without a top coat, but please contact us for tested top coats if one is required to protect the intumescent from condensation, moisture or damage.


FIRESHIELD TimberWhite2FR , Timber Whitewash and ArchitecturalWhite4FR are halogen free, water-based, Red List Free and carry the Declare label from the Living Building Foundation in Europe.

Fireshield TimberClear1FR intumescent coating is a waterborne basecoat, the Timberclear1FR Top Coat contains a new plant based solvent that evaporates entirely during application. The resulting dry system retains virtually NO VOC at all, and is also completely halogen free.

FIRESHIELD products can only be sold to Registered Applicators and are available exclusively through Dulux New Zealand.