Meet The Fireshield Team

Per is one of the leading experts in fire engineering design in Australia and New Zealand. With over 20 years’ experience as a practising Fire Engineer.
Per has a strong international industry reputation and a wealth of qualifications and technical skills in all aspects of fire dynamics, heat transfer, egress modelling and human behaviour in fire.
Per has led fire engineering design and implementation across a diverse range of international building and infrastructure projects: high rise, super high rise, commercial, residential, multi – purpose complexes, airports, underground rail transport systems, underground buildings, rail and road tunnels.
Stephen has developed a profile of leadership in the building industry sector with a demonstrated emphasis on construction and supply chain management practice across Australia and New Zealand.
Established through research, consultation and experience, he has an extensive technical knowledge of material manufacture, development and manufacturing process, with a strong focus on enduring matters of quality and compliance. Stephen is a Director of the NZ Building Industry Federation and representative to several Australian and New Zealand Standards Technical Committees.
BLAIR ROUSEBusiness Development Manager
Blair has an Architectural background which includes over 15 years experience in his own practice and as a Partner. This construction knowledge provides him an essential understanding of client requirements and the ability to develop the best possible solutions.
Blair has an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of fire-rating steel structures and of how to achieve smooth and well-defined finishes along with internal timber fire rating requirements in both Australia and New Zealand.
KELLY BUSHBusiness Coordinator
Kelly comes from a business management role in the Construction industry successfully running her own Construction firm for a number of years. Previously working in Project Management in the fast paced Telecommunications and Media industry. As a result Kelly has developed a strong skillset in communication and organisation management and change . This experience is essential in running the Fireshield office and our logistics in the Asia Pacific Region.
TROY GREENBusiness Development Manager
Troy has extensive experience in the construction industry across Australia and New Zealand. After completing his Architectural Degree Troy went on to establish two successful construction businesses over a period of 15-years before embarking on a career in Sales and Marketing Management with a particular focus on building materials.

A personal passion for Design and Sustainability combined with formal technical knowledge has seen Troy become a Trusted Advisor to an extensive network of specifiers across Australasia who continue to utilise his practical knowledge to find the best solutions for their desired projects. Troy looks forward to assisting specification specialists find the right solution to meet all compliance requirements in the critical area of Fire Safety.

JOHN COBCROFTBusiness Development Manager Australia
John comes to us with 45-years experience in the protective coatings industry starting from an application background in his early years before moving into sales and Business Development roles in the coatings industry.

John has been heavily involved in major construction projects in Australia over the past 30-years working heavily in infrastructure, mining, oil and gas. John has specialised in Corporate & Technical Training in fire protection coatings and is a fully qualified Nace 2 coating inspector. John looks forward to assisting Applicators, Specifiers and Contractors on site to find the right solution to meet all compliance requirements in the critical area of Fire Safety

ROHIT RAJEstimator | Technical Advisor
Rohit has versatile experience in the field of all form of protective coatings. After completing his undergraduate degree in Chemical Technology with specialization in Paints, he started his career with Research & Development of architectural coatings then moved to high performance coatings. During his stint as a chemist, he developed new products for commercial and niche market segments. Rohit also specialises in product and process improvement for enhanced service life of coatings, energy efficiency and reducing hazards associated with paint manufacturing. After working in R&D for a decade he moved to techno commercial roles handling Technical Services, Quality Assurance, Quality Auditing, Vendor Development and safety management. Recently, he moved to the field of Intumescent Coatings with a challenging role of Estimator which requires an eye for details to ensure minimum damage and maximum safety during a fire accident. Contact Rohit for any steel loading scheduling advice or with your latest project tender package.

A couple of minutes. That’s the difference between a serious accident and a catastrophe. These minutes are what drive us.
By preventing fire from starting or spreading, our fire protection systems save lives and items of value and are incredibly simple to install.

With a complete range of products for the protection of steel and timber structures we are proud to bring our New Zealand customers products from Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer in this field.


We are part of the Living Future Declare Status program, the only intumescent product supplier in Australasia involved in this program

1. Where does a product come from?
2. What is it made of?
3. Where does it go at the end of its life?

Declare is a transparency platform and product database that is changing the materials marketplace.

Our products are manufactured in Sweden under ISO14001, ISO9001 and a broad range of European green building certification schemes.