About us

A couple of minutes. That’s the difference between a serious accident and a catastrophe. These minutes are what drive us at Fireshield.

Our fire protection systems are incfredibly simple to install and by preventing fire from starting or spreading, save lives and items of value.

With a complete range of products for the protection of steel and timber structures we are proud to bring our Australian and New Zealand customers products from leading manufacturers around the globe in this field.


We are part of the Living Future Declare Status program and one of the only intumescent products available in Australia involved in this program.

1. Where does a product come from?
2. What is it made of?
3. Where does it go at the end of its life?

Declare is a transparency platform and product database that is changing the materials marketplace.

Our products are manufactured in Sweden under ISO14001, ISO9001 and a broad range of European green building certification schemes. They have been assessed and certified for Declare status under the Living Building Challenge scheme.



Some of our intumescent products meet the stringent guidelines for the Red List Free program run by the International Living Futures Institute.

The Red List contains the worst in class materials prevalent in the building industry.

The commonly-used chemicals on the Red List are:

  • Polluting the environment
  • Bio-accumulating up the food chain until they reach toxic concentrations
  • Harming construction and factory workers